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Eco cars

Why aren’t we all driving cars like this? The Venturi Eclectic (pictured center) is the most economical environmental vehicle ever built. An urban three-seater vehicle, it is covered in solar panels and has a wind turbine sticking out of its roof. In other words, it’s powered by sun and wind, and topped up by electrical recharging.

Created by a team of engineers in Monaco, it pays homage to the Lunar Rover and the Mini-Moke in style, and is created for people who are totally committed to the environment. It draws its energy from everything that exists around it and even stores energy while it sits still. And it’s cute too. A limited edition of 200 will be launched in June 2007, priced at 24,000€ plus VAT.

If you fancy something a little sportier, Venturi also produce the Astrolab (above), the world’s first commercial high-performance solar vehicle, with a top speed of 120km per hour – and Fetish, a fully electric sports car (pictured top, left).

Images: © Venturi 2006


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