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Climate Solutions Road Tour

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Last month, three solar-powered electric Revas and a fleet of alternative vehicles completed a 3,500km low-carbon road trip across India. Driven by members of the Indian Youth Climate Network, the caravan was called the Climate Solutions Road Tour. Its aim was to catalyze action on climate change by calling on global decision-makers and consumers to reinvent the auto industry.

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It took them five weeks, starting on January 1st in Chennai, and ending on February 4th in New Delhi. They passed through 15 major cities (including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Udaipur and Jaipur), using art, dance and music (a solar-powered band from the US) to communicate the urgency of climate change.

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Along the way, the team documented climate solutions from tribal girls' hostels with solar-powered kitchens to waste management strategies in Mumbai. Said Caroline Howe, one of the participants, 'India is full of climate innovators, so spread out across this huge country that many people don't get to see that these solutions are working right now. We wanted to find a way to bring people together around existing solutions to inspire more action and more innovation. There's no time left to just talk about the problem.' Hear, hear. RM

Images: Alexis Ringwald

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