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Camera Van

Camera VanHarrod Blank woke up from a dream in which he'd covered his car in cameras. In the dream, he'd driven round the streets taking pictures of people. Before he woke up, he checked out the pictures, and what he saw (images of pedestrians with faces frozen in amazement) blew him away. So much so that when he finally woke up, he decided he would bring the dream to life and build a Camera Van.

These days, Blank can be found touring the world in a van covered in around 2,000 cameras of all kinds. It took him two years to build (including trawling through many thrift stores), and for its first journey the van drove from Berkeley, California, through Houston, Texas, and New Orleans to New York. Blank has lived in it, taken it across the Atlantic and taken loads of candid photographs, like the ones you can see here.

Camera VanPolaroid camera ever made. The passenger side is lined in antique and collectable cameras, as well as four TV screens. The bumper is made up of Kodak Disk cameras, and above that is a rainbow of kids' cameras. The driver's side boasts an artistic impression of a Kodak Instamatic (made of Instamatics, natch), and the top of the car features the word SMILE written out in Instamatics. The cameras are operated by a button on Blank's dashboard inside.

Camera Van

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  • Doug

    May 8, 2008

    I saw the cameravan at the 2007 Maker Fair in Austin TX. Here are a few more pictures.

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