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bamboo_88 'This car irritates.' So say its creators, Swiss concept designers Rinspeed. Why exactly does it irritate? By flying in the face of 'overengineered metal creatures', apparently. The BamBoo is a taste of summer, a taste of sand and beach, the Seventies, St Tropez, Brigitte Bardot. Ooh la la… how irritating. But it's also a taste of things to come, with a communication display that takes the place of a radiator grill, and an inflatable roof that doubles as a beach blanket. Now that sounds like fun… bamboo_99 The latest creation of Frank M Rinderknecht (who brought us the swimming car) and New York pop artist James Rizzi, BamBoo looks like an electric golf-cart, but there's much more to it. Yes, it is electric. And, as its name suggests, at least part of it is made from the stuff pandas eat (the inflatable roof and upholstery are made of bamboo fabric). bamboo_66 But it's the gadgets and gizmos that make it really cool. The Identiface communication interface is the ultimate plaything for the extrovert driver or passenger, allowing them to display personal messages across the front of the little car. 'Want a ride? Jump in!' The car also has a color-changing Rizzi bird on its rollover bar that lets passersby know: 1. green – I'm single; 2. blue (below) – I want to party; 3. orange – I need a break. bamboo_55 The back seats are inflatable and, like the inflatable roof, can be taken to the beach. The dashboard is the shape of a breadbox, and opens to display control elements and a futuristic VDO display. On the far right of the glove box there's a 7in HTC tablet PC Flyer with /div> docking station, so that driver and passengers are hooked up wherever they travel. And the car is started with an army knife. bamboo_4343 But it's not all quirk and no muscle. As for specs, the battery will get you about 105km, and it has a top speed of 120km/h. Not bad for a golf cart. RM bamboo_3737 bamboo_3636 bamboo_3535 bamboo_33

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