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A solar future?

We recently told you about the wonderful Serpentine Solar Shuttle in London's Hyde Park. Here are some other great designs from Christoph Behling's Solarlab. Clearly aiming to corner the market in solar transportation,
his design company has come up with ideas for solar boats, solar pedalos, solar rickshaws, solar golf carts, solar trains, and even solar helmets.

A solar future?

All the designs have roofs lined with solar panels (even the helmets), a brilliantly simple idea. Solar yachts (pictured top and above left) are like the larger boats in London and Hamburg, but designed for small groups of people. About twenty of them are already in use from Florida to Barcelona.

Rickshaws (above right) are still in the design phase, but will be powered by the sun as well as some light pedaling. Meanwhile, the solar-powered train is something altogether larger – and one is already in development for a London park (we'll keep you posted). It's an inspiring vision – isn't it time the rest of us caught up? RM

Images: with thanks to Christoph Behling

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