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A rocketship to call your own

A Rocketship to Call Your Ownmoon? Here's some good news. With a little know-how, you might just be able to do it. OK, so being a rocket scientist would be handy, but with the help of a little-known outfit in northern Los Angeles you might be able to assemble something worthy of space flight. Norton Sales is a supplier of industrial parts, including those from the aerospace industry, and they specialize in hard-to-find rocket parts.

Need an Apollo SPS Thruster? Let's face it – who doesn't? How about an ignition exciter? Or a ABMA-NASA Lunar Probe Flight? OK, we have no idea what they are either, but they sound like they might be useful on a rocketship… Norton sells everything from Saturn V rocket engines to nosecones, breathing masks to valves from a Space Shuttle. Many of their customers are in the movie industry, scouting for props, but an equal number are space enthusiasts, and yes, amateur rocket-builders.

A Rocketship to Call Your OwnMars, what exactly is stopping you? RM

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