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A Creative Use For An Old 747

Abandoned Boeing 747 restaurant.........(abandonedboeing747restaurant5.jpg)

Why waste an old jumbo jet by selling it for scrap? You could turn it into a hotel. Or a restaurant, like this one in Suwon, South Korea. Unfortunately it isn't used as a restaurant any more. Instead it's just sitting by the side of a main road, abandoned – which in some ways makes it even more curious.

Abandoned Boeing 747 restaurant.........(abandonedboeing747restaurant.jpg)

Apparently this very vessel was the first Boeing 747 to be flown commercially, then it was subjected to safety testing, disassembled and flown to Korea. And it's not the only cafe of its type in South Korea. According to DRB, there have been three others – in Seoul, Daegu and Mokpo.

Abandoned Boeing 747 restaurant.........(abandonedboeing747restaurant3.jpg)

Meanwhile in Costa Rica, there's a bar inside an old cargo plane that used to deliver supplies to the Nicaraguan Contras, and in Switzerland there's a restaurant, Runway 34, with a whole plane inside it. And we thought a hotel room with a helicopter inside it was strange enough… RM

Abandoned Boeing 747 restaurant.........(abandonedboeing747restaurant2.jpg)

Images: Jon Dunbar, via Darkroastedblend 

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  • Alex

    May 17, 2009

    There’s a full-on discotheque-bar in Charleroi, Belgium. It’s in an otherwise residential area and people drive to it as a night destination. Feels a bit Eastern European in its clients’ seriousness amid all that camp (they serve cotton candy with your drink, which tends to come in a very elaborate package, and people are definitely gussied up), but friendly staff and we got to wander around uninhibited about two years ago. There’s a few pics here – and I’ll gladly share some of ours, although they’re at night and not the highest resolution.

    Great site overall, guys.

  • Jack

    May 9, 2009

    The link should take you to a post with the photo of my friends Greg and Joel at the airplane bar (too early in the afternoon to be open). It’s near the bottom of the post. Feel free to post it if you’d like.

  • Heinz Legler

    May 8, 2009

    Jack, send us some pictures. Always interested in cool stuff and cool places.

  • jack

    May 8, 2009

    There’s an old Soviet plane currently being used as a late-night bar in Olomouc, Czech. The beer is warm and in cans and I don’t think the inside has been cleaned since the plane was decommissioned. That said, it’s a ‘can’t miss’ in a cool town.

Any comments?