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Work on Safari

Work-on-Safari-Main However you make your living is where your talent lies. – Ernest Hemingway  

Have you always wanted to visit Africa as more than a tourist? Here's your chance: an opportunity to work as a manager/host at Shu'mata Camp, at the base of Mountain Kilimanjaro.
Work on Safari
Shu'mata Camp is part of Hatari Lodge, a small hotel in Tanzania with a long and cinematic history that you can read more in-depth about here.
In the language of the Maasai, Shu'Mata means "heaven." The camp is very small and exclusive (only 5 tents), but gives guests a very unique and romantic Safari experience by offering local food, artwork, a natural relationship with the wildlife, and shades of Hemingway's Africa in the safari tents, 1920's furnishings, and private verandas surrounded by miles and miles of uninterrupted African savannah views.
Shu'Mata Camp is located in Maasai land. It's a stand-alone operation, but most guests choose to book a stay in conjunction with a three, five, or seven-day tour on the Kilimanjaro Safari Circuit.
The management/host position at Shu'mata Camp is available immediately for the upcoming tourist season in Tanzania.
On Safari - Exterior
The successful candidate will be unconventional, independent, sophisticated, and have a knowledge of global etiquette and style.
Work On Safari!
If you're interested in applying, visit Shut'mata Camp online. Tell them Been Seen sent you!
On Safari - Elephants
The elephants are waiting. MT

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