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Green concept cars......................(4133.jpg)

We've featured a lot of green concept cars recently on Been-Seen – cars that spin, cars that glow, cars that are really bikes. Cars powered by electricity, cars powered by the sun, cars powered by the force of positive thinking (well, not quite, but I'm sure it won't be long). Here's a round-up…

Green concept cars......................(4130.jpg)The Aptera, a gas-electric three-wheeler that claims to be able to get 230 miles per gallon, has provoked much discussion on the site. Some say it's gorgeous, others that it's ugly. Others still think it's a figment of someone's imagination, with a little help from photoshop.

We also featured the NmG (right), short for 'no more gas', a personal electric vehicle than practically runs on air and is unfeasibly cute. It only goes for 30 miles on an eight-hour charge, which left some commuters a little disappointed. It's also tiny, which left a few tall readers waiting for better news.

Green concept cars......................(4131.jpg)The Nissan Pivo 2 (right) wasn't the solution for the long-legged either. A mini bubble car that swiveled on its axis, it left some readers thrilled and others wanting to hurl.

So we moved on to the Honda Puyo (below, right), another bubble car with limited leg room but oodles of personality. Its small wheels and transparent roof put some off, but most were wowed by its color-changing abilities and soft glowy headlights.

Then came the MAG magnetic vehicle concept car, a super-lightweight car that uses magnets to stay grounded. Green concept cars......................(4132.jpg)The car provoked a great discussion about – rather importantly – whether it can be translated from design to reality. Lots of provocative science there – check it out.

Just to prove that mad science can produce results, Solarlab's Solar Rickshaw is set to launch next year in London. Bummer that it's in one of the rainiest cities in the world!

The Proxima is a car with bike-like sensibilities or a bike with a roof, hard to tell. Have a look and see if you can figure it out…

Green concept cars......................(4129.jpg)This year's Peugeot Design Contest, which asked designers to reimagine the car for the worldwide megalopolis of tomorrow, produced a bumper harvest. The results, from Oxo to Moville (right), were really cool.

Meanwhile, pictured top is something a little different, fresh from the Paris Motor Show… the Mazda Kiyora, meaning 'clean and pure' in Japanese. The really interesting thing about it is that it's inspired by water – and it collects it too. When rain falls from the sky, the car gathers it in little rivers, purifies it, and stores it for passengers to drink. How's that for innovative thinking? RM

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  • James

    January 11, 2009

    I hope to press this kind of look and feel to the mass transit, hire me.

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