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Postcards from Chic Nomads: Tokyo Farmer’s Market

Tokyo Farmer's Market

Chic Nomads know all the best spots to go, stay, play, and hideaway. Sometimes they send us postcards from the road. Here is Marina Kappos, currently artist in residence in Japan, detailing her experience at a farmer's market in Tokyo. All words and photos are hers.


Tokyo Farmer's Market
A small but wonderful farmers market sets up in front of the United Nations University in Tokyo every weekend.

Tokyo Farmer's Market

I walk through the market regularly, and it’s bursting with brightly colored fruits and vegetables. A favorite treat has become the homemade gingerale. It’s dry and spicy with a kick that makes me cough a little when I drink it. 

Tokyo Farmer's Market

Pickled vegetables are on full display, along with jewel colored jars of jellies and dipping sauces. The sellers call out as you pass by and I can’t help but sample the delicious foods.

Postcards from Chic Nomads: Tokyo Farmer's Market

Along with organic vegetables, baked goods and a few homemade crafts, there are small food trucks that pull up selling everything from Hawaiian rice bowls and beer to freshly made naan and curry.

Postcards from Chic Nomads: Tokyo Farmer's Market

One truck has a certificate framed in the window that says: “You are hereby qualified as a Macrobi Food Concierge, to inspire and guide others towards Kushi Macrobiotics and the realization of World Health and Peace.” The Japanese take their food seriously and this market is no exception.


Read more about Marina's experiences in Japan on her blog. Where will the nomads go next? Are you a chic nomad with a secret spot to share? Send us your postcard here.

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  • Ian

    January 27, 2014

    That’s a really adorable Pizza Van! I am planning to take a vacation in Tokyo this year. Thanks for this blog, I now know what to visit!

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