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Homes Away From Home


Cheaply furnished, boring, a second-rate stove and refrigerator thrown in from Sears, fluffy couches, oversized secretary and beds with ornamental flower covers and a pink toilet seat. So you go on vacation – leave your own beautiful house to stay somewhere where you like everything BUT the room you are staying in.


We spent hours surfing through pages of websites offering vacation rental by owners. With no luck finding a place which comes close to where we would like to spend a few days, evenings and nights, of course not including those expensive villas or private islands. Some of them I actually like. But……


Usually we settle for the rustic cabin look, a fireplace and an outdoor bench, the rest just rustic and acceptable. How great would it be to find a place to stay a few days which is a bit more up to date, architecturally interesting with contemporary furniture, flat screen TV, Internet access and a halfway professional kitchen with design and equipment. A place where you can feel that whoever owns it had some sort of taste, cares and offers you a step up from what you are used to and not 5 stars down.


Homes Away from Home


It is surprising what people are willing to take when it comes to vacation. From big resorts where your room looks like the 499 rooms next door, above and below you, boring motel rooms, seaside rentals, it’s mostly this impersonal, basic and standard outfit we accept in exchange for a beautiful ‘outside’, let it be the ocean view, the beach, the forest, the wildlife or nature in general. We accept to stay in any crummy place to enjoy what’s around it.

Homes Away from Home


A trend to go for more Boutique hotels comes almost naturally. Since we own one, we are aware why people come and what they appreciate.

Our guests like the individual personal touch of all of our rooms/houses each one created over time with a different mood and detail. Our guests are staying at someone’s house with personal artifacts and a very personal style. I think it’s great to stay in somebody else’s house for a few days; to explore and enjoy their individuality, their past and presence. It’s like reading a good book. It relaxes as much as it inspires, you feel comfortable entering somebody else’s world for the time being.

Homes Away from Home


From Boutique Hotels to Boutique Homes.

So, as a next step in the right direction, we decided to find places which have those attributes and present them on Been-Seen in our ‘Boutique Home’ rental selection: Boutique Homes for our kind of travelers. Affordable places where we would like to stay for a few nights, which are selective, to our taste.

Around the country, around the world. By the end of March 2008 we will start with a few and with the help of our readers – we hope we will find and add more as we go.


A different way to travel, a network of affordable contemporary homes for travelers like you and us.


At a later stage we plan to include reviews on both parties involved, the owners and the guests. A guest ranking (100) will tell you if you want to rent to those guests next time they might inquire about your house, and reviews of the houses by guests who’ve stayed there.

Homes Away from Home


Please feel free to submit any vacation rental you have to offer, you know of, you would like to stay in yourself and which will fit our Been-Seen esthetic.


As a ‘Thank you’ we will draw a winner who will be selected every other month from those houses submitted. The winner will get a free 2 night stay in one of the houses we have on our ‘home away from home’ selection.


That’s a deal.


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  • Keryn Francisco

    September 9, 2008

    I forgot to mention that our rental properties in Portland and Bend is called UNDO: MODERN DWELLINGS. We offer completely furnished, large modern homes that cost less than a typical hotel stay. Our clients include international travelers from the design industry who are relocating for Nike and Adidas, or people who simply enjoy world-class skiing in Central Oregon.

  • Keryn Francisco

    September 8, 2008

    Great minds certainly do think alike! We would love to be a part of a community that appreciates a good-lookin’ environment. In fact, we are happy to list any other modern rentals on our site FOR FREE to help the community grow. Please consider us, especially on your next trip to Portland or Bend, Oregon. Keryn and Tom

  • cameron aston

    January 15, 2008

    Hello Heinz,
    we thought maybe the house that we built from our inspirations form VERANA would be a good candidate. It is offered for rentals.
    Please review the photos on the above site and drop me a line with your comments.
    And we would love to see you and Veronique real soon.

    Cameron & Fiora

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