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Fifty People, One Question

Where would you want to wake up tomorrow? A grand question with so many possibilities. You could choose Paris, or a secluded tropical beach, or maybe even the comfort of your own bed. Fifty People One Question take the intriguing idea of asking a simple question and seeing where it leads. The result is a creative look into how different people think all over the world. This video was filmed on a street in Brooklyn, New York, but the Fifty People One Question group has taken their questions to London. Hopefully they’ll be taking it to other world cities soon.

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  • jay williamson

    June 12, 2010

    i would like to start buy saying, i am in love.. your videos are a beautiful and brilliant example of the individuals that surround us in our everyday life. i cant help but to smile filling up with a happiness that is truly uplifting. and its only from a simple question. i wanted to share my happiness with you. and how a video like this keeps my optimistic attitude running in overdrive. thank you…. i would also share that maybe something like this could pop up in south eastern michigan. pro this idea. thank you for a pick me up ,…

  • William K Wallace

    December 29, 2009

    A cool video. My own answer to the question is that I don’t mind wherever I wake up, as long as I get the chance to wake up and enjoy another day.

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