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Yogurt heaven

We've just received this article from a friend who's visiting Turkey. He writes… In the middle of the blue Bosphorus where the Stambouliot people run away from the touristic mass invader, Kanlica is a place to know! The world capital for the ultimate yogurt 'Turkish delight'. It's a charming little place with a great Sinan mosque (1559-1560) for Iskender Pasa, Magnificence Suleymane vizir.

Kanlica yogurt, so smooth and delicious, is the best known in the Mediterranean world (for those who know the exquisite taste of this special milk preparation). Yogurt is often present in meals from Greece to Lebanon, even in Syria (I talk about stuff I taste…). If you have the chance to visit Istanbul, ask any taxi or sailor: 'Lutfen, Kanlica yogurt cok güzel, hizli ekmek istyorum' (I want to eat delicious yogurt, so take me to Kanlica right away). They will take you there without any questions, and they will understand you are no joker!

– Amaury de Cambolas

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  • Pati

    December 14, 2008

    I lived in Izmir for a year and have visited since and anything with the yogurt is wonderful. I agree with KEL BIL …when I read the ‘translation’ I knew that ekmek was bread so yemek is correct. You learn the word for ‘eat’ cok cabuk (very fast…excuse my non-Turkish keyboard)when you first live there ! lol !
    There is nothing like the Bosphorus and Istanbul..I am in love with all of Western Turkey. :o)

  • kel bil

    November 15, 2008

    ‘Lutfen, Kanlica yogurt cok güzel, hizli ekmek istyorum’ actually means: Please, Kanlica, very good yoghurt, I want fast bread. On that account, the taxi driver will ask questions and he might even think you are something of a joker.

    The correct Turkish version of ‘I want to eat delicious yogurt, so take me to Kanlica right away’ would be: Guzel yogurt yemek istiyorum, beni hemen Kanlica’ya gotur.

    On second thought, why are you even taking a taxi? just take the bosphorus line of the ferry. You can probably eat a ton of yogurt with the money you would save.

  • atilla adal

    August 19, 2008

    Dear ANANDA,
    yogurt is generally cumsumed in turkey with our meals as sour kind of food, but the foreigners usually prefer with some sugar or aromatic additives such as fruits in it. It can be also consumed as a cold drink (ayran) diluted with water.
    In order to prepare yogurt, you need small amount of yourt for fermentation. You add this small amount of yogurt to warm milk in a cap as diluted with same warm milk and keep in the warm conditions for a while during the fermentation. Meanwhile special bacteries in yogurt transform whole milk in the cap to yogurt. In old days, when I am a child, yogurt has been prepared in this way in our homes by mothers, but nowadays can be found every store

  • ananda

    December 27, 2007

    how is the milk specially prepared for the yogurt? does anyone have the recipe? thanks.

  • Cambolas

    June 6, 2007

    What an amazing place to visit ! I love the photo ! I’ll be there for my next hollidays ! The real place to be for feeling the link between Europe and Asia !
    a parisian one !

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