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Vegetable Oil

Next time you rent a car, consider renting one that runs on
vegetable oil! Bio-Beetle,
opened recently near LAX, rents cars fueled by filtered vegetable oil.

The bio-diesel costs $3.45 a gallon, but the cars get between 30 and 45 miles per gallon, between 400 and 800 miles per tank. Bio-Beetle Founder, Stenshol says “There are people who say it smells like popcorn, or french fries or doughnuts.” Mmmm..good.

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  • Marlene

    September 20, 2006

    There is a place in Silver Lake (Los Angeles) that changes old Mercedes to vegetable oil consumption…great idea, although some say that your car smells like a french fry because you are recycling oil from restaurants..guess you would always be going to McDonalds.

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