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The best job in the world?

The best job in the world?..............(barrierreef.jpg)

It could well be the perfect job. Six months in paradise, lots of money, a rent-free three-bedroom villa (with pool) and a teeny bit of work. Who wouldn't want it? That's what Tourism Queensland is banking on, with its latest ad campaign – I mean 'job opening' – The Best Job in the World.

The best job in the world?..............(barrierreef2.jpg)

The job title is 'Caretaker of the Islands', and it involves moving to Hamilton Island, the biggest and most inhabited island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Once there, should you win, you'll be required to report back on your adventures to Tourism Queensland and the world, via weekly blogs, a photo diary, video updates and media interviews.

The best job in the world?..............(barrier.jpg)

You'll receive all the gear you need to do this, plus your return airfare. Other chores include feeding the fish, picking up stray leaves from your pool, and helping the postman deliver mail (via helicopter, with breathtaking views). And for this inconvenience you'll be paid AUD $150,000.

The best job in the world?..............(barrierreef3.jpg)

Whether it's glorified advertising or not, you have to admit it's appealing. Being well paid to live in luxury … Come on, really? I've practically packed my bags already.

The best job in the world?..............(barrierreef4.jpg)

Here's the crunch. In reality TV style, they're asking applicants to send in videos explaining why they're so perfect for the job. And in true reality TV tradition, the website is already filled with over 2,000 applications from the earnest and the goofy to the wannabe stars. Applications close February 22nd, and the job starts July 1st. Good luck. RM

The best job in the world?..............(barrierreef5.jpg)

Images: Tourism Queensland

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  • Portugal

    January 30, 2009

    I agree, a promotional campaign if I’ve ever heard of one, and most of the promotion is happening even before a single person is chosen. I just imagine how many hundreds of thousands of dollars in free 6 pm news snippets they’ve received for free.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind the job. 🙂

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