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Swim with the Sharks

Imagine yourself trapped, under water, with a twenty-foot great white shark so close that you could reach out and touch it — if you were foolish enough to try. Has your heart ever beaten this fast before? You try and comfort yourself with the knowledge that you're safe in a shark cage on a diving tour arranged by Incredible Adventures, but it does nothing to lessen the thrill. All those teeth… so close…

A shark cage really is pretty safe — researchers and filmmakers use them all the time. These specially designed cages offer divers freedom of movement and a 360-degree view of the fish (or feeding frenzy) around them. Depending on the type of cage and equipment available, you may not even have to be SCUBA certified! In more than a decade of offering shark dives, there has not been a single accident. But none of this will do anything to lessen the excitement of coming face to face with a twenty-foot-long feeding machine!

Incredible Adventures offers shark diving and other unique, pulse-pounding undersea experiences all over the world. Spend a day shark diving in the Bahamas, Gansbaai South Africa, or the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary near San Francisco. Or take an extended trip — up to ten days! — from Key West, Florida; Isla Guadalupe, Mexico; or Cape Town, South Africa. If you're a bit squeamish about being in the water, you can arrange to watch the action from the boat's observation deck — you might even see a shark breach right out of the water!

And when you're ready to graduate to the “big time,” you can travel to the Wild Coast of Africa for the annual migration of sardines. This is a strenuous, high-energy diving adventure into the middle of a churning mass of fish, as sea predators go after a column of sardines 40 meters deep, 3.5 kilometers wide, and 15 kilometers long! Literally tens of thousands of dolphins, sharks, gannets, orcas, whales, and seals join in the action, and you drop from a microlight boat into the water with them — without a cage!

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  • matt

    February 8, 2013

    i got this key west cottage rental and want to do some fun things on my visit. does anybody know of fun things to do during my trip?

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