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Spain-Morocco tunnel

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I remember years ago when the tunnel under the English Channel was being built, everyone was a little sceptical about whether it would be completed, whether it would work, and whether anyone would use it. Now everyone travels to France on the Eurostar. Today, after 20 years of talks between the two countries, it seems a tunnel link between Spain and Morocco may finally be happening.

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The proposed tunnel, linking Europe with North Africa, would be 40km in length and pass 300m under the Mediterranean. Swiss engineers are currently conducting feasibility tests to see whether it is technically possible. It's shorter than the Channel Tunnel (which is 50km), but it has been suggested that the clay/rock makeup of the surface may not be strong enough to withstand the weight of the water.

Spain-Morocco tunnel....................(3626.jpg)

If the tunnel does go ahead, it will cost at least $8 billion and take 15 years to complete, opening to the public and to businesses in 2025. If the feasibility tests are positive, digging could start next year. RM


Images: (top and center) NASA

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