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SpaceShip Travel

So, we heard that SpaceShipTwo, being built in California's Mojave Desert, …..a Branson project has technology that could also be used in airplanes and could eventually allow people to travel between London and Sydney in half an hour, pretty good!

The tiny spacecraft is designed to carry six passengers and two pilots some 120 kilometers (75 miles) above the Earth.

The inside of the craft has been design by Philippe Starck. He will also design the space base in New Mexico.

“The craft's white, minimalist interior has seats that recline to allow for a less jolting reentry into Earth's atmosphere and several round windows positioned from floor to ceiling.”


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  • karen

    October 5, 2006

    just was i was looking for..can’t stand sitting in the plane for hours.hope
    it’s happening soooon

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