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Sea farm

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So you are a swimmer? You like to crawl back and forth along the shore? I might know you, even if you've never noticed me while having fun in my ocean. Maybe now you would like to know what is going on under the water as you are passing over our heads without even paying attention to us. So many things are happening, you'll be surprised. I'm going to give you a little taste of what I was up to these past weeks. 

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As far as I remember (since as you may know fish have little memory), I was running from coral reef to coral reef, picking seashells and milking my dolphins. I needed to cook a seaweed salad for dinner. A bunch of friends were supposed to pass by the Red Sea Valley, where I now live, in my little sea sponge house. Time was running fast, since my neighborhood is next to the Fifty Meters Deep High Way. I used to live closer to the coast when I was younger.

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My Dad is running a limestone company and my Mom is a shore-dweller. The sunlight back there lasts longer than in the deep dark countryside. Thus I was working as fast as if I had octopus tentacles. I spent the afternoon riding my water tractor to clean up everything. I had to sweep the rocks, plant sunflower seeds in the sand, plow the dangerous shark neighborhood crops. I herded the catfish and the clownfish down to the valley where I am used to feeding the seahorses I always ride on Sundays. I might sell my seahorses though, nowadays there is so much traffic that I usually use jellybuses. Each time I try to go to work by seahorse, it takes me hours. They are building a BubbleWay Transit from Downtown to SeaStar City; hopefully it will pass by SpongeCity following the Fifty Meters Deep High Way. It would be perfect.

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I am wondering if this seaweed salad will be enough. The thing is when you have friends who are so different from each other, it is hard to guess what they like, and what kind of appetite they have. I bet Sharky is not a veggie and Whalieson will ask for more. The problem is that we don't have anymore plankton on the market these days. They all left the state. It was too polluted. We complained and even made a big strike, but they did not come back.

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Anyway, I could eat clams every day, oysters are good too. I am not a plankton addict so I don't really miss them. Moreover, I am going to leave the state also, I just got this journalism job for which I have to go around the Sea World, for interviews and shows. It's exciting, but believe it or not, it becomes a dangerous job. It is not so good to travel during these global warming days. So maybe next time you decide to dive, remove your ugly googles and take the time to say 'hi' – and maybe we could have a drink! BB

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