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Tired of rank communal toilets, nursing third degree sunburns while laying on a concrete parking lot, and having to lay in a sleeping bag next to a hippie who hasn't showered since Woodstock? Well, music-loving, British festival-goers, Boutique Camping is about to rock your world.

tipi fun

From Russian style yurts to tipis, which ranges to fitting 2-12 people, to mini beach style cabanas, you can have a quiet oasis away from the concert crowds or keep the party going in private.They even have housing that resembles a rock star caliber tour bus, so you can live out your groupie fantasies (illegal substances and naïve pretty young things not included). Boutique Camping even provides clean showers and bathrooms at most of their festival locations, so you won't have to wait in line with the sweaty masses, how's that for feeling A-list?


Though, these awesome amenities also come at fairly A-list prices as well. For example, for the Wakestock music festival, tour bus accommodations for 11 people break the bank at almost 4,000 pounds. Even more modest lodgings, like a 2 person tipi, will run you over 1000 pound. And like most Boutique Camping's deals, that doesn't include festival tickets-which are known to already be steep. Comfort definitely comes at a hefty cost! 


If you're willing to cram in all your generous friends or to open your wallet for a special trip with your sweetheart, it could be a really cool way to enjoy a concert or a golf tournament in style. How often do you get to see professional wakeboarding or jam out to the Chemical Brothers and then curl up in a cool beach hut?

beach hut 2

Another obvious drawback is that if you don't live in the UK,or are able to shell out even more bucks for a plane ticket to get across the pond, you, my friend, are shoot out of luck. Boutique Camping is currently only serving UK festivals, but keep an eye out, if they gain popularity they could be taking their yurts to a Coachella or a Bonaroo near you. DM


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  • Kristy Ramirez

    June 19, 2008

    Wow, these are great! I really hope they make it to Australia!

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