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Lost ducks

The frontline of science................(4500.jpg)

If you see this duck (or one just like it), please tell NASA. In September, researchers dropped 90 tagged rubber ducks into a drainage hole on Greenland's ice. The reason? To see how summer melt waters on top of glaciers travel to the base of ice sheets and help to dislodge them. They were supposed to flow along subglacial channels then pop out at sea. However, no-one has seen one yet.

The frontline of science................(4501.jpg)

The ducks, along with other more scientific gear, were dropped into a plug hole by scientist Alberto Behar on the Jakobshavn outlet glacier in West Greenland. The data retrieved is hoped to shed light on how the ice sheet comes apart and drifts towards the ocean (the picture above shows the rapid acceleration in glacial melting in recent years). It's most likely the ducks are stuck in a tube, but if you do come across one while you're walking on the beach, let Dr Behar know asap. RM

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  • JC Green

    December 30, 2008

    The ducks are made of a material that will disentigrate in the temperatures that will be experienced by being in the ICE. I doubt any will be found. Scientists, you would think they would think of everything. This is why you should never alter your lifestyle because one of them came up with some crackpot theory without thinking of all the variables.

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