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Here’s a little something about ‘how’ we travel. Learn to see the world as others do. Borrow some ideas. In Japan, there’s a tradition called ‘hanami’ which, literally translated, means ‘flower viewing’. It is most commonly applied to cherry blossom viewing, and hanami parties are a popular pastime for the Japanese, who flock to prime cherry blossom spots to walk or picnic. The best cherry blossom viewing time in Japan at least is right now, but if you can’t get there at such short notice, you could try hosting a hanami party where you are.

And here’s another concept to think about while you’re enjoying the blossoms. Wabi-sabi. Put simply, ‘wabi-sabi’ (‘humble beauty’) is the art of finding beauty in imperfection and impermanence. It accepts the natural cycle of growth, decay and death, reminding us all that we are transient beings. It celebrates what is modest and humble. To live life by the principle of wabi-sabi, you must get rid of all that is unnecessary. You must tread lightly on the planet and appreciate whatever you encounter, no matter how seemingly insignificant it is. Like cherry blossom.

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