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Goats in trees

2514 Goats in trees

Here's a story that's hard to believe at first, but is so well-documented that there's no doubt it's real. Goats that climb trees. Tree-climbing goats. Yes, really. In southwestern Morocco, it seems, goats have a soft spot for the fruit of the Argan tree. So much so that they'll climb these rather spindly-looking branches to get hold of them.

2515 Goats in trees

Apparently this tree-climbing activity benefits everyone (though there is some talk of the poor trees being overgrazed). The goats like the fruit but can't digest the pits, which they either spit out or, erm, excrete. Then the farmers collect these to make argan oil. Something to remember when you're next in Morocco – don't sit under an Argan tree. RM

Images: Remo Savisaar




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