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Fly California

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Los Angeles to San Francisco in two and a half hours? Without having to put your 3oz lotion bottles into quart-sized zip-loc bags? Sign us all up. If Governor Schwarzenegger has his way, he'll be commuting to and from Sacramento in two hours and 17 minutes, while cutting freeway congestion and carbon emissions in one fell swoop.

California High Speed Rail..............(3982.jpg)

The way California is headed, transportation systems will soon be strained to their limits, so the California High-Speed Rail System has proposed a 220mph rail service running from Sacramento to San Diego, to take the strain off roads and planes, at a fraction of the cost of building new freeways.  

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The state would have to build nearly 3,000 miles of new freeway and five airport runways, at the cost of $82 billion to accomplish what the rail system hopes to.

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The train would in theory significantly reduce carbon emissions, from an estimated 12 billion pounds of CO2 to five billion annually. However, designers are looking into the feasibilty of using completely renewable energy sources (as you can see in these pictures). The system is also designed to move goods across the state rapidly and dramatically reduce the number of traffic accidents. So… what's the catch? RM

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Images: California High-Speed Rail Authority

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  • Rudy

    October 23, 2008

    The catch is always more money from the taxpayers, and possible harm to the environment.

    I’m sure they have a way to deal with those. I support building this rail system.

  • jesseb

    September 29, 2008

    this is an awesome idea and only good things can come it.

    for one it will save lives. i was driving from laguna beach to SF on the I-5 and watched a guy fall asleep and spin out at 80mph in the center divider field. i’m sure he was awake after that and needing new pants!

    it will create hundreds of jobs where the money these workers make will be spent locally, boosting the cali economy.

    they just better allow dog’s or i will still be trying to keep my eyes open on I-5.

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