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Dogs Love Vacation, Too!

Hey, where are you going with those suitcases? Are you going on vacation…without me? I hate being stuck at home while you're traveling the world! It's the worst thing ever: my best friend is out having fun without me and I'm left behind with strangers. It's no fair; dogs love vacation as much as humans do. I know what you're thinking: dogs aren't welcome in hotels and vacation rentals but that's not true! There's lots of places we can go together. In fact I've made a list to prove it.

Pet Friendly Rentals California Yosemite

Feel like getting some mountain air? We can go to Far Meadow near Yosemite on 20 acres of private land 7,000 feet above Bass Lake. You can sleep in the chic A-Frame cabin while I go out and patrol the meadow like Boubou. Pets of all kinds are totally welcome for only an extra $25 per night. I'm a cheap date!

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Big Sur

Big Sur would be a great place for us to visit together. There's lots of open country for me to explore and a super cool vintage trailer for you to lounge in. And we can go for walks on dog-friendly Pfeiffer Beach every day! Book the Big Sur Vintage trailer now and we could be on our way by Friday.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals California

Kaweah Falls is another pet-friendly rental in California that would be great fun to visit. A river runs right through the property and there's a private beach and waterfall on site. You know how much I love water! (Except bath time…I hate bath time.)

Pet Friendly Rentals Joshua Tree

My friend Pancho the Pug likes to chill out at Highdesert Homestead in Joshua Tree, a great pet-friendly rental on the northern boundary of the national park.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Sonoma

If I'm under 35 pounds and well-behaved, you can take me to California Glass House, an architectural gem on 24 acres in Sonoma, California. We'll both enjoy amazing, panoramic views stretching from mountain to sea and a gorgeous design to enjoy as the sun sets.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Mexico

My cousin Max sent me this photo of him in the pool at Todos Santos House, an elegant hacienda on a fruit plantation in Mexico. They grow avocados there! All dogs love avocados.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals California

canine guests. Let's go stay at Topanga House, a cool mid-century rental with a huge yard for me to play in. Then we can go hiking up in the canyon with our pals Ollie and Boubou.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals California

See how much fun we could be having?

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Joshua Tree

Have I convinced you to take me along on vacation yet? No? I guess we'll have to visit some more cool, pet-friendly rentals. Where are we headed off to next? To be continued…

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  • Jaime Jae

    January 20, 2014

    Loved this! We work in high end leisure travel and more and more of our clients are asking for pet-friendly or even pet-focused travel plans so they can bring their “furry family” along with them. Great read…

  • Yesh Yes!! you should not leave your pet home and travel around the world. He was there for you, beside you comforting you whenever you were feeling lonely. you owe them your gratitude.. 😉

  • Michelle

    May 8, 2012

    Any suggestions on the East Coast/Midwest? My puppers loves vacations, but Cali and Mexico are a bit far for him 🙂

Any comments?