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Wellness tourism is a travel trend that's gained steam in the last few years. Instead of traveling simply for leisure or sight-seeing, travelers are seeking out destinations that offer health and spa treatments along with luxury accommodation and plenty of relaxation opportunities.


Many spa breaks can be far-flung and pricey (Fancy trip to rural Iceland, anyone? A yoga retreat on tropical island resort? What about a sojourn the wine region of Slovenia? Anyone?), but there's no need to undertake a long journey to seek rejuvenation. There are plenty of luxuriously low-key and affordable local spas that are perfect for when you need a break.

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Take the United Kingdom as example of a country packed full of beautiful spas offering a full range of health and beauty treatments in gorgeous surroundings. Most people wouldn't think of famously wet and chilly England as the ideal setting for wellness vacations, but the diversity of health spa breaks in the UK says otherwise.

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It makes perfect historical sense: both the Celts and the Romans believed in the curative powers of a spa break, as evidenced by the rich history of the Roman baths in the city (yes) Bath. History aside, we can't think of anything more relaxing than gazing out over the famously beautiful landscape of the English countryside, drinking a warm cup of tea after an afternoon spent getting pampered by a professional staff. Depending on your budget, you can spend an entire weekend or just a day soaking in a sauna, trying out a new exercise course, enjoying a massage, and indulging in all manner of beauty and health treatments. 

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Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you have to forgo beautiful surroundings either either. Many modern spas are located in incredible places. Think historic homes, castles, converted 16th century barns, 4-star hotels, and beautiful modern buildings constructed solely with relaxation in mind. With a quick search, travelers can make the most of their stay without breaking the bank through booking a package deal, which can include accommodation, meals, tea, extra services, and more. Many of the spas allow guests to choose from several different treatment options and curate a totally customized spa experience.

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Those in search of spa days in Scotland are also in luck. The Bannatyne Spa has several locations throughout the country that offer entire spa days for less than 50 GBP. We also love the elegance of the Stobo Castle Health Spa, housed in an authentic Scottish Castle in the Borders countryside. Services range from everything from health treatments like food allergy testing to beauty treatments such as manicures, facials, and hair removal.


This is only a small selection of cool spas that may be near your home. Those in search of an affordable mini-vacation are well-advised to check out the United Kingdom—you'll be surprised at how many options you have.

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