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Winter Palace

The fall leaves are slowly disappearing, and the chill of winter will soon start creeping in. But there’s a certain coziness that comes with even the coldest of weather. In northern Sweden, architect firm Murman Arkitekter constructed Restaurant Tusen at the Ramundberget ski resort, and it looks to be the ultimate in winter coziness.

Situated between birch trees, brooks and rocks, the building was intentionally constructed to put a strong emphasis on nature. The view from the restaurant looks over surrounding mountains, and it's although near the popular ski lifts, no other buildings are visible from the site, inspiring a beautiful interaction with nature.

The building is constructed in a round shape, which leaves a protected outdoor space where you can sit in the sun and look out across the snow covered mountains. Natural materials were used for the construction as well, with huge birch logs jutting into the air and protecting against the icy Nordic winds. Inside visitors are welcomed by a warm décor, perfect for taking a rejuvenating break after an afternoon on the slopes. It’s quite possibly the perfect idyllic winter palace!


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