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As the climate changes and waters rise people are starting to explore new ways of living on the water. Hotels are already using the idea of adding buildings on rafts to let guests stay that much closer to the water. Waterpod is a new project experimenting sustainable living on a barge.

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The Waterpod was built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  The entire ship is designed to be completely self-sustaining. They are building hydroponic gardens for the food and will purify rainwater for drinking. Electricity will come from a combination of solar, wind and bicycle power.

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The barge will be home for four artists who will live on board and change location around New York to exhibit the Waterpod, art and other installation and host workshops for visitors. The opening day is Saturday June 13th Pier 17 @ the South Street Seaport. 

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We will definitely be keeping an eye out to watch how the Waterpod works out, and how it is able to integrate its-self as modern New York way of living.

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