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Very Small Hotels, A New Collection

Small Hotels Panama In the past, everyone thought the future was going to be big: big buildings, big machines, big everything. But now that we're living it, we know that the future is actually small. As in, small computers, small cars, small homes, small carbon footprints. And now we have small hotels.
  When we say small, we mean it: all of these hotels have limited rooms and unique features you won't find anywhere else. But staying in a small hotel doesn't mean a having a small experience. Just ask yourself few questions: has any mega-hotel ever offered you the chance to wake up among the treetops in your very own bird's nest? TreeHotel, Harads, Sweden How about a view of Mount Kilimanjaro from a converted farm in Tanzanian bush? Hatari Lodge, Momella, Tanzania Or taking tea on a Himalayan plateau 7,000 feet above sea level? 360° Leti, Uttaranchal, India Cultivate some California cool in the Mojave desert? Mojave Sands, Joshua Tree, California Enjoy a sunset from the pool of your own villa on the mediterranean island of Corsica? Domaine De Murtoli, Corsica, France All of these hotels boast a unique blend of original design, spectacular settings, and, of course, intimate size. That's why they've been hand-picked for inclusion in the brand new assortment of small hotels featured on Boutique Homes. Visit the Boutique Homes website to check out the full collection and start booking your holiday.
  From top to bottom: Punta Caracol Acqua-Hotel, Panama; TreeHotel, Harads, Sweden; Hatari Lodge, Tanzania360° Leti, Uttaranchal, India; Mojave Sands, Joshua Tree, California; Domaine De Murtoli, Corsica, France.

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