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The people at Tribewanted are building a community that will help turn Vorovoro — a 200-acre jungle island in Fiji — into something completely new. The island will become a synthesis of the arts, as tribe members use their talents to create structures and community from — and in tune with — untamed nature. This is an exciting project! If I were a bit younger and didn't already have so much on my hands, I might join in.

This is not a reality TV show or fanciful utopia — it is completely real. Tribe members will be able to elect leaders, vote on projects, and visit the island to lend a hand in creating their vision or just enjoy what they have created.

1,040 people have already joined the tribe that will form the future of Vorovoro, but there is room for 5,000. What will they decide to do with the island? Will it become a tourist destination? A private resort? Or will it ultimately be returned to nature? Even for those of us unable to participate, it will be exciting to follow the tribe and see what they create.

The development of Vorovoro will be eco-friendly, sustainable, and climate neutral, and Tribewanted is working with Climate Care to achieve this goal. They even have a means of offsetting the pollution caused by your airplane flight to the island. Isn't that wonderful!

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  • PeteUK

    June 26, 2011

    Lord of the flies, springs to mind! How long before some middle class tree hugger becomes power mad and throws rocks at a retired, sandal wearing geography teacher?

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