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Tree House Restaurant

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Any little kid will tell you that treehouses are rad. And any big kid will tell you that so is high-quality, delicious Asian and Indian food. So now, for the little kid and the big kid in all of us, behold the Nahu Harbor Diner restaurant in Okinawa Japan: a restaurant that is up in a tree.

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Although, sadly, not an ACTUAL tree, this restaurant gives the illusion of being built in a Gajumaru tree about twenty feet off the ground. The stunning, large Gajumaru trees are equipped with roots that grow up and branches that grow down, the better to support it's enormous size (or, presumably, a kitchen full of pan-Asian cuisine). So don't worry, eco-fiends: no trees were harmed in the making of this restaurant!

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In addition to the thrill of taking an elevator up a tree trunk, once you are actually IN the restaurant, you are treated to stunning views of the harbor, located at the entrace to Onoyama Park in Okinawa, Japan. Best of all, according to a recent visitor, a group of five can have dinner there for less than $70 US dollars. Good views, tasty, and affordable food? I think I just found my new favorite tree-house. 

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