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Traveling near home

I was reminded today that you don’t have to go very far to travel. It’s really about keeping your eyes (and heart) open. Today, my family and I visited a private ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains near our home in Los Angeles. I was told it would be beautiful, but I didn’t expect it to stop me in my tracks.

As we drove into the hills, the sun blazed overhead, and the mountains were etched in dark shadows. The ranch was way up high, and the Malibu sea fog curled over the crest of the mountain – then drifted over our car. As we pulled into the ranch, I looked out and saw a vast blanket of white fluffy clouds way, way below us. It was so thick it concealed everything, absorbing all the sounds of the city. I felt dizzyingly elevated from the world I had been in just minutes before.

I was really lost for words, but I stopped the car and urged the kids to look outside and see how amazing our world is. It was one of those moments I wanted to capture in my mind forever, because I knew photographs could never do it justice. They humored me, looked and smiled, but I know it didn’t stop them in their tracks.

When we got to the ranch, they spent an entire afternoon rafting on a pond full of catfish, climbing rocks and raking in the dirt. It felt like one of those wild, exhilarating, uninhibited days that all children should have all the time. As the sun started to set, they didn’t want to leave. On top of the world in a different way perhaps – but good enough for me. RM

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    March 29, 2007

    Hi James – Thanks for asking. It’s a private ranch called the Wright Organic Resource Center, which is run by architect Eric Lloyd Wright (grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright) and his artist wife Mary. Although it is private and you can’t show up unannounced, it is often open for community events like solstice celebrations, fairs and fairs.
    Here’s what they say about themselves on their website: ‘The Wright Organic Resource Center educates and activates people to be creative, aware, and environmentally responsible in all aspects of life. We provide opportunities for people in the Los Angeles area, especially youth, to experience the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright and Organic Architecture, encouraging the creative integration of Nature, Art and Community. Our goal is to spark the imagination of people who come to land and activate them to envision and participate in building a socially and environmentally connected world.’
    Check out the website for more info:
    It’s a magical place.

  • James

    March 29, 2007

    Where is this place, it looks really amazing ? James

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