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Tiny islands

las isletas island nicaragua ...........(3857.jpg)

At Been-Seen, we're not immune to the charms of private islands. It's just that they're incredibly expensive. Sixty acres of tropical paradise all to yourself? That's all very nice if you're Mel Gibson or Nicolas Cage, but I'm not. Here's an idea that makes island ownership just about feasible: tiny little islands with homes on them. A small outcrop, a house, and just enough room to swing a cat.

just room enough island.................(3856.jpg)

Pictured (top) is a home in Las Isletas, Nicaragua. Located in Lake Cocibolca, it's one of 365 ridiculously small islands, many of which are occupied by local fishermen or isolation-seeking tourists. Next up is Just Room Enough, a private home/island in Thousand Islands, the Great Lakes, where the house pretty much occupies the whole island. Leaving the owners a garden only at low tide.

dunbar rock island......................(3854.jpg)

The palatial home (above) is Dunbar Rock in Guanaja, Honduras. Practically spilling over the edges of the microscopic island, it boasts six bedrooms and great views. And best of all, it's for sale – at an almost achievable $1.7million.

clingstone island.......................(3855.jpg)

Next up is Clingstone, which sits off Newport, Rhode Island. Literally clinging to the rocks it inhabits, the 23-room mansion has been around for over 100 years, battered by hurricanes and restored in the Sixties, after being bought by its current owner for a mere $3,600.

eighteenmile island.....................(3858.jpg)

Meanwhile, on the Columbia River near Mosier, Oregon, you'll find Eighteenmile Island. It may look uninhabited but it actually boasts a three-storey wooden house that was built there in 1969. It was offered for sale last year at $1.4 million.

Towan island............................(3853.jpg)

And finally (though we know there must be many more)… the rather extraordinary Towan Island near Newquay in Cornwall, England. Featured in the Beatles film The Magical Mystery Tour (1967) and inhabited by the 4th Viscount Long and his wife Lady Helen, it once claimed to be the world's smallest full-time inhabited island.

However, the European Union recently ruled that it couldn't even be classified as an island because it had fewer than 50 residents. Said Lady Long, ‘It is a huge disappointment. We have had the rug pulled from under us. Not only are we not the smallest – we are not even an island. Being referred to as Lady of the Outcrop sounds like I have a bad case of chickenpox.'

The Longs listed it for sale in 2006 for £750,000. RM

Via Premier Holidays and The Private Islands Blog

Towan Island image via Flickr

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  • hen

    July 29, 2012

    i cant even think of these kind of small islands and that too with houses built in them.. if i had money i would surely buy one but would always have nightmares about water as i would be surrounded by only water. Any holiday rentals available on these tiny islands?

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