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The Spa Boat

vulkana8 The Spa Boat

It sounds almost too perfect. Setting sail around the Norwegian fjords in a vintage fishing boat, redesigned to accomodate a Turkish hammam, Zen lounge, sauna and outdoor hot tub. But that's what Vulkana is.

vulkana7 The Spa Boat

Designed by Finnish architect Sami Rintala, Vulkana is a stripped down wooden boat from the Fifties that, instead of a hull full of fish, now accommodates up to 12 passengers in blissful Scandinavian luxury.

vulkana2 The Spa Boat

When it's not at sea, the boat is moored in the city of Tromsø, gateway to the Arctic, which affords short custom trips to the snow-covered Lyngen Alps or the fishing banks off Senja Island.

vulkana11 The Spa Boat

Inside are three bedrooms and a kitchen, complete with chef. Outside, in addition to the hot tub, is a 7m-high diving board, from which guests can hurl themselves into the sea.

vulkana9 The Spa Boat

An extreme cold plunge to counterbalance the hot tub, perhaps. RM

vulkana5 The Spa Boat

vulkana12 The Spa Boat

vulkana10 The Spa Boat

vulkana The Spa Boat

Images: Vulkana

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