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The Most Amazing Places to Live

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Magazines of all sorts often run articles on “top ten places to live,” or something of a similar nature. Their lists are normally determined by a combination of access to public transportation, clean air, health of the local population, etc. But this list has nothing to do with any of those things. Our “Most Amazing Places to Live” list is all about the visual; breathtaking places that we would love to call home.

Zakynthos Island, Greece
A mythical place, Zakynthos is said to be once owned by King Ulysses of Ithaca. The island's rich vegetation has led to its nickname “Flower of the East,” and nature is a strong part of the locals' livelihood.

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Stockholm, Sweden
Actually, Stockholm makes it on several “best place to live” list every year. Public transportation is great, the city is committed to being green and spending an afternoon out in nature is always only a bus ride away.

Inishmore, Ireland
The largest of the Aran Islands, Inishmore Island is famous for its strong Irish culture as well as a plethora of Pre-Christian and Christian sites and ruins. Plan on lots of wind and mythic culture.

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Stavanger, Norway
If you are in search of an optimal place to sunbathe, this might be it. The Prekestolen Cliff sits 600 meters above the Lyse Fjord. To get there you have to commit to a 6 kilometer hike, but only an hour by car from Norway's fourth largest city Stavanger, it might make a great home for the outdoor enthusiast.

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Trakai Castle, Lithuania
Built by Vytautus the Great in the 15th century, the Trakai Castle lies in the middle of Lake Galve just west of Lithuania's capital Vilnius. Unfortunately, castles tend be historical sites that often charge admission, meaning you probably can't make it your next home.

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Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
The Church of Holy Wisdon, Hagia Sophia in Greek, is a former Byzantine church that today houses a museum. Clearly a striking display of Byzantine architecture, Hagia Sophia provides for a stunning photo with Istanbul's skyline in the background.

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