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The Invisible Traveler

Ever thought of going somewhere exotic and observing but not being seen? We found a simple way to do it — one that we are sure will give you a completely new travel experience.

The art of making you invisible: First, cut of the right ear of a black cat. Cook it for 36 hours in the milk of a black cow and form it into a covering for your thumb — something like a small, fur coat for someone who will be doing a lot of hitchhiking out in the cold. Once you cover you thumb, your are invisible and ready to explore. Probatum est.

So what do you do with your new-found invisibility? Perhaps you could walk the streets of a small European town and see people at ease without a tourist in their midst. Or watch a Broadway show from the wings. Or swim the Great Barrier Reef without startling the fish. The only limit is your imagination.

But what if you would not harm so much as a hair on a poor animal's head, even for the sake of touring invisible?

A professor at Tokyo University had an interesting solution to the problem, but it is neither practical nor completely effective. Which leaves us with more mundane methods of invisible tourism.

Perhaps you could visit, to view the photographs and read the experiences of another tourist without leaving the comfort of your home. But even in these descriptions there is a reminder that a tourist was present, disrupting the illusion of invisibility.

A better alternative might be the travel photography section of Travellerspoint, where you can see thousands of beautiful photos from around the world. It's as if you are seeing through another's eyes.

As convenient as it may be to travel online, it is still far from the promise of true invisible travel. Without the benefit of black cats and magic spells, the best way to invisibly travel may be to sit in a comfortable chair, music of your chosen destination playing softly in the background, a glass of something suitable in hand, and just close your eyes and let your mind wander those far-away streets or feel the gentle surf of a lonely beach.

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