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Sealand for sale

It doesn't really look like much, but this former World War II anti-aircraft platform is worth a cool $750,000,000. If anyone buys it, that is. The Principality of Sealand is a 550 m² micronation, a totally independent sovereign state, six miles from the coast of England. Latitude 51.53 N, Longitude 01.28 E.

Sealand for sale

In 1967, pirate radio station operator Paddy Roy Bates took possession of the platform and declared himself Prince Roy and his wife Princess Joan. He turned Sealand into an independent state in international waters, a status which has held up legally for 40 years now. It has the dubious status of being the world's only operating, stationery man-made nation – and as such has its own stamps, flag, national anthem, passports and currency. And crazy things have happened there too: the Royal Marines once tried to evict the family, and European businessmen even kidnapped Roy's son but were captured themselves and held as prisoners of war. Funnily enough, none of the family are said to live on the island any more – Roy, his wife and his son, HRH Prince Michael, have all decamped back to the UK.

Sealand for sale

So you want a piece of the action? You can start by buying yourself a title. Lord, Lady, Baron and Baroness of Sealand are currently all available. You can even book a tour of the island, and if you decide to take the plunge and buy it, contact Spanish cyber real estate company InmoNaranja. The island has great views (water, water, everywhere), a chapel, plus a helicopter landing pad – and it's a tax haven too. RM


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