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Romantic Honeymoon in Mexico

As we've always said here at Been-Seen, trying to google your romantic honeymoon, whether it's in Mexico or elsewhere, is a bit tricky. Sadly, it's harder to find the most memorable locations because they don't advertise themselves in the same way that big hotel chains and resorts do. As a result, very few truly amazing honeymoon hotels make it on to the front pages. You have to dig a little to find them. But it's always worth it.

The best honeymoon locations are usually small, remote and personal – the places you hear about from friends, inspiring travel writers, or even savvy celebs. Verana is undoubtedly one of them and, with it, comes one of the finest spa experiences on the west coast of Mexico.

Don't compromise on your honeymoon. Hopefully it'll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and staying at a Travelodge off the freeway just won't cut it.

Check this cool video.

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  • Mark Benson

    December 8, 2011

    Want an romantic ambience for your holidays; Straight away book a flight to Mexico for yourself and your partner and spend few days you have never have spent.

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