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Rent a Palapa in Yelapa


Better a Palapa in Yelapa than, A Condo in Redondo. Well, that’s the saying here in paradise. If lodging in a palapa is a bit too rustic for you, there are now a few alternative rentals to consider.

Yelapa Mexico V house

The V house at Verana is definitely one of them. 3 separate bedrooms, outlooks, they call them, sleeps up to 6 guests and if I calculate correctly, the rate at $ 250 per night with 3 bedrooms comes to $85 per bedroom with 2 people. Visit a week and you get to stay in an amazing place for just under $500. Not bad.

Yelapa Mexico

Yelapa Mexico

When Sunset magazine published an article about Yelapa 2 years ago, this forgotten little village outside of Puerto Vallarta experience some sort of rebirth.The boom and never ending flow of visitors which followed encouraged many to built their vacation home here.

day spa verana

Verana opened an innovative Day Spa which is now visited by locals and visitors who come for the day to Yelapa. New restaurants popped up and the high speed internet arrived finally this year. It’s time to visit or re-visit this little piece of paradise, as many do.

V house Verana

If you want to read more about the V house, here are some links to check out. Nice article on enchantingeden, interesting on tribewanted  and even wallpaper magazine thought it’s worth while to write about. 




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  • Peter Shaff

    September 22, 2009

    I love Yelapa, I will be back.

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