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Been Seen: London Loves

London made our hot list of places to go in 2012 for being the setting of this year's Olympic games, but really, do you ever need an excuse to visit the capital city of England? Rich in history, culture, and nightlife, London is a must-go for every traveler, whether they are in search of enchanting sites, famous landmarks, great music, beautiful architecture, world-class museums, or just a good time exploring the city's many pubs with newfound friends. The city has a wonderful public transportation system, which makes getting around town a snap as well as an adventure.

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Though it's highly unlikely you'll run out of things to do in London, the city does make a great jumping off point for exploring the rest of England and even Europe (Paris is only a 2-hour trip via the Eurostar).

Been Seen: Brighton

Many travelers choose to make the trip down to the beach city of Brighton on England's south coast. It's Victorian-era pier has been featured in many films, books, and television programs over the years. Interested in pre-historical England? You can head out to the famous Stonehenge, or go even further west to discover the many mysterious sights in the fields of Wiltshire. The cities of Oxford and Cambridge offer both beautiful architecture and history in spades, as well as /div> many unique activities (punting on the Cam is not to be missed). Getting around England is generally quite easy and affordable if you plan ahead. Budget airlines such as EasyJet always have good fares on domestic flights, which means historic cities such as Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Belfast can be reached in little more than an hour. 

Been Seen: London Loves

As cool as London is, it's also a very expensive city and accommodation has never been priced more highly than for this summer. Fortunately, London also has a number of reasonably priced hostels that are available year-round. We recommend familiarizing yourself with London's neighborhoods before making a booking so as to avoid being too far removed from the places you'll want to visit. If you're making the trip this summer, send us a postcard from one of the most amazing cities in the world. As Dr. Johnson so famously wrote, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."

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  • Andrew

    April 28, 2013

    London is a top city but as you mentioned, there are lots of other places in the UK which are brilliant to explore, I'd recommend York

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