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Living in the Past

In 1965, the British conservation group Landmark Trust
had a brainwave – why not raise funds for restoring old buildings by letting visitors stay the night in them? They started with six cottages, and today they have 184 properties, including the one in this picture, a stunning little granite retreat called Tibbets on the remote island of Lundy, Devon.

You can stay in each and every one of them – and they are so intriguing that’s exactly what you’ll want to do. The foundation stone of Appleton Water Tower near Sandringham in Norfolk was laid by the Princess of Wales in 1877. Today it sleeps four, and from the terrace on top of the water tank, you can see for miles in every direction. The grand entrance of the House of Correction in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, is all that remains of a 19th century prison that was demolished in 1955. However, it has enough space to house four people in great comfort.

Not perhaps what might be said of Tibbets. It’s the only property without electricity (though it does have a water pump and shower), and it’s remote as remote can be. It’s said that you can see 14 lighthouses from it on a clear night. If you’d prefer a hot shower, you can stay at one of the lighthouses on the island instead.

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