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Lhasa Express

Lhasa ExpressLhasa Express in China is a poignant reminder.

Lhasa ExpressQinghai Lake, China’s largest. If those numbers aren’t enough to take your breath away, then the altitude surely will. Oxygen is pumped through the train during it most dizzying heights and personal oxygen canisters are also available.

Lhasa Expressreports claim that Ipods, laptops and other portable electrical devices have a tough time of it as well.

1.5 million passengers rode the Lhasa Express during its first year of operation. What was once a seven day voyage became two days overnight. Direct train service to Tibet was expanded to Shanghai and Guangzhou as well. However, success does have its price. The vast majority of travelers getting off in Lhasa are Han Chinese, the nation’s ethnic majority. Critics hold that their presence will lead to the devastation of the local culture as well accelerate environmental degradation of the pristine region.


Images Copyright © Associated Press, Giorgio Fochesato and Guillaume Dargaud

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