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Instant Coffee (House)

Recognized globally for its excellent coffee, Italian giant Illy Caffé is the source of a different kind of buzz recently. Illy has teamed with artist/ architect Adam Kalkin to create the Push-Button House, a banal shipping container that unbelievably transforms into a coffee house. It is coffee beans meet shipping bins to create one of the most unique java joints around.

The container opens and unfolds like a hydraulic flower in about 90 seconds. When in full bloom the chic house boasts 6 rooms: kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, library and living area. The standard size is 2000 square feet; 3000 and 5000 square foot models are also available. All for roughly US $184,000, including delivery (espresso machine not included).

Not a bad price considering the costs home construction these days. But be sure to order yours ahead of time; demand is high, and there is a 6-month waiting list to get one. After short stints at Art Basel Miami Beach and the Venice Biennale, New Yorkers will get their chance to enjoy their cappuccino and biscotti in a bin starting November 28 until December 29. Illy plans to install one in Time Warner Center during the height of the holiday shopping season.


Images © Illy Caffe

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  • tasyan

    October 21, 2007

    A coffee house for nomads! Cool!

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