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I Googled My Honeymoon


Ready for your honeymoon — that blissful, once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation? The only one you are ever supposed to have? Well, first you have to decide where you're going to go. Any ideas? Like most questions nowadays, your first step will be  to go to the Internet and google “honeymoon.” Luckily, I can save you this step, because here's what you're likely to get:

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Honeymoon Package

There are over 1,000 people, worldwide, a day who type the word “honeymoon” into their Google search field. Forget romance–this is a business. Anybody who has anything to do with your “once in a lifetime getaway” is going to want a piece of the (very lucrative) pie. That “Romantic Getaway” website pays up to $5.00 per click on the off chance that you might click on their ad. That “Honeymoon Packages” link hired some top-notch SEO specialist to figure out how to have their travel destinations show up before the competition's.

Got it?

What shows up in your search is not necessarily your dream vacation–you get what they paid for you to see. It's too bad that search engines like Google do not serve you very well anymore–unless you're looking for the cheapest laptop, BBQ grill, or airline ticket.

honeymoon pantoon

But after all, it's your own very special honeymoon. Once in a lifetime. And you put it in the hands of the corporate advertisers at Google. I Googled my honeymoon. Congratulations.

So what do I propose?

honeymomoon italy

For starters, it's always good to ask your friends. You'll get a recommendation from people who care about you, that you like and trust. Or what about a place you remember from your childhood, that you always wanted to go back to? Think outside the box–how about a not so typical destination? A safari, a road trip, or a hiking trip through Italy are all offbeat, yet romantic alternatives. You could rent a boutique home, check out some of the world's more unusual hotels, or contact a travel agent who can do all the legwork to make your dream vacation come true. You could even go to Verana. Anything.

their second honeymoon

But promise us this: when it comes to typing 'honeymoon' into your Google search, please do not say 'I Do.' HL

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Honeymoon in Marrakech

Includes drowning the black man

Pantoon dinner

Fun cheap honeymoon

Their second honeymoon 

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  • Shaun McCoy

    September 26, 2008

    Lajja you are absolutely right about getting in contact with an agent and CHOOSING a SITE that offers what you are looking for! This is why I chose Honeymoonwishes – they offer unltd photos (that you upload yourself, the option of whether to take cash or apply towards something – among many other features….


  • Lajja Gandhi

    September 26, 2008


    I’m a regular reader at Vagabondish & quite love the unique posts on been-seen as well.

    This article is right to state that businesses pay search engines to highlight their product – but it makes it sound more like an evil – while it’s actually a mode of advertising.

    It’s a matter a customer looking for the right product & a tour operator offering his basket to choose from. True, some agents may not take the effort to guide you well – but your search engine may not help you figure that out unless you try out a few options and have a one to one with an agent on phone or in person.

    I’d say the best way to decide is surf for locations and ideas and then discuss it with a known agent.

  • Shaun McCoy

    September 18, 2008

    Your comments are so incredibly accurate it’s not even funny! While there are a few that cater to the needs and wants of what a person is actually looking for most do not. It’s unfortunate, BUT TRUE!!

    I’d like the opportunity to past here giving others some ideas, advice and direction. There’s lots to look out for when planning such a Dream Day Vacation and not many that really care about the people taking the trip – only about the dollar(s) that they will see.

    I can offer some pretty great suggestions, even packages from the ‘budget’ honeymoon to the luxury dream day vacation…. But more importantly tips on what to avoid and how to get what they are looking for FROM THE BEGINNING!!

Any comments?