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High Society: Didden Village

High Society: Didden Village

Attention citizens of Rotterdam: a new neighborhood is coming to a rooftop near you. Leave it to the Dutch to build a mini-village atop an apartment complex. And the fact that it's Dodger blue? Well, that's nothing short of fabulous. Didden is the brainchild of MVRDV Designs, one of the firms recently commissioned by Brad Pitt to re-build New Orleans.

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To clear up any confusion, each structure is one private residence, but each room is a separate house. Between these houses lie streets, alleys, and plazas. Going a step further, MVRDV planted trees, set up tables and installed park benches to add a sense of authenticity to the pseudo-society. Talk about a mind bender!

From the outside looking in, Didden resembles a modern day fortified city, complete with parapet walls- only without the armored knights keeping watch. This is just the beginning of a new rooftop culture in Rotterdam. Where will it go from here? Will there be skyline mini-marts, discotheques and hair salons? Only time will tell.

Didden Village..........................(2340.jpg)

It's quite a concept, this village. And only a firm like MVRDV could whip up such a snazzy little space. These deisigners are known for a use of outside-the-box architecture, all the while pursuing a fascination with density methodical research on density. According to the mission statement, “a method of shaping space through complex amounts of data that accompany contemporary building and design processes” is behind the creative process.

So, it's pretty safe to assume Didden is an experiment in densification, cost efficiency and, if nothing else, the “oh wow look at that” factor.


But why? Why build up rather than out? Overcrowding? Higher ground in case the levy breaks again? Who knows. But it's conceptional, it's progressive, and it just doesn't get any better than blue poly-urethane coating….


Images courtesy © and © MVRDV

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