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It's always been our dream to spend the night in a museum, surrounded by the art we love. Well, it looks like our dream has become reality! We're thrilled to announce that the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation will be offering stays in their famed New York City museum starting at the unbelievable rate of $125 per night. Reservations are currently available exclusively through Boutique Homes. Guests will have a choice of 3 rooms, each one a stunning combination of high design and functionality. The Cabin in the Guggenheim Room #1: The Suspended Cabin. You'll have an unparalleled view of Frank Lloyd Wright's incredible architecture when you're swinging from the rafters in your very own cabin. Room #2: The Capsule: Are you a cocooned caterpillar? Are you in the womb? Are you on your way to Mars? Ponder these questions as you tuck yourself into the cozy Capsule for the night. Room #3: The Turntable: Rock yourself to sleep in the Turntable, a very special room built on 3 tiers of rotating platters. Not recommended for those prone to motion sickness. In addition, the new Guggenheim Hotel will feature a sleek and streamlined restaurant with meals prepared by the finest chefs in the city. Room service will be available, although guests staying in the Suspended Cabin will have to place their orders in advance to account for climbing time. Should all go well in New York, the Guggenheim Foundation will soon be converting unused space in their museums all over the world into intimate hotel rooms for very special guests. They've already laid out plans for the Guggenheim in Bilbao to become a combination hotel/nightclub for hip art lovers. Finally, here's a look at the Guggenheim Museum currently under construction in Lithuania. Guest rooms are already being built in a style complementary to architect Zaha Hadid's space-age design.
  To book the Guggenheim and other unique hotels, visit Boutique Homes. We can't wait to hear what you think of this latest addition to our hand-picked collection of very small hotels.

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