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Ever since the days of the popular television show Star Trek, outer space has been the final frontier. Man has conquered all other forms of travel, from high speed air travel to luxury ocean liners that travel around the world. But what’s going on in outer space? A lot.

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Richard Branson has big plans for space travel under his umbrella Virgin Galactic, and he’ll have good company, as the kind folks at Galactic Suite are working hard to make sure you have somewhere to stay when you arrive.

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The Galactic Suite hotel started out as a hobbyist project by its founder, aerospace engineer Xavier Claramunt. The concept model looks like several long tubes connecting in a central structure. Three of the tubes are suites and they can hold six customers in a stay.

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Visitors to the station will remain mobile in the lack of gravity with Velcro shoes, similar to the ones that Stanley Kubrick featured in 2001: A Space Odessy , and will shower in a “spa room” with floating bubbles of water.

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The spacecraft will make a full circle of Earth every 90 minutes; that means visitors can enjoy a sunrise and sunset every 45 minutes! 

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If you want to visit, you’ll need deep pockets: a three-night visit will cost you approximately US$4 million per person. However, with that price the Galactic Suite kindly offers a complimentary eight week stay on a tropical island. (That’s your intensive space-training program, by the way, to ensure your safety during travel!)

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The Suite is expected to open in 2012, though the dates are shrouded in controversy as little evidence of construction progress has been provided to date. In addition, there’s the thorny problem of getting there; they’ve said they will use Russian rockets, though the Russians seem to have plenty of other things on the agenda.

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  • Dylan

    December 8, 2011

    WOW!!!! they are so cool!!!

  • Aya-Chan

    June 11, 2010

    Whooaaa COOL!! So Thats where daddy said he’s gonna take us!!! Ahh Heaven!! No peasents!!!

  • DD

    February 26, 2010

    My father worked at NASA when I was young and I always dreamed of opening a hotel in space. Soon 1 may be there!

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