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In this little book (only 6×6 inches) by Bernhard M. Schmid and published through Pie Books I found all the doors I ever wanted to find. All colors, textures, sizes, moods and styles throughout the world. And what I liked most was Bernhard M. Schmid's intro to his 'door' book which follows here – with his permission.


'When visiting different countries, I am often enchanted by the design and the beauty of the doors I pass by or walk through. As I gaze at these old doors, that have seen so many people come and go, I often like to imagine all sorts of stories.

'Doors are the divide between the protected spaces we build for ourselves and the often hostile outside world. Because of their great significance in our lives, doors are often used as metaphors. You can leave a door wide open for fresh air as well as for opportunity to enter your life. On occasion, you might have the door slammed in your face, and at other times you might manage to get a foot in the door, or get in through the back door. Ideally, of course, the world will maintain an open-door policy.


'Lean back on your sofa, perhaps with a favorite drink, flip through this book and enjoy looking at the doors of the world, as different as its cultures and peoples. Can you imagine what you would see if you entered any of these doors?

'I also hope your life will be full of open doors – but that you choose wisely. And if a door closes behind you, know that many others will open before you. So lean back, open the door to your imagination, and enter.' HL


Bernhard M. Schmid, February 2005, all images by the author

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  • Berthold

    July 9, 2010

    Love these doors. I recently had a chance to take photographs of doors in Rottweil, Germany, and they would fit right in with these. Ecept maybe for the omnipresent trashcans that haunted the city that day 😀

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