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Concrete Mushrooms

Abandoned bunkers might not sound like the place for a dream vacation, but graduate students Gyler Mydyti & Elian Stefa believe that with their project Concrete Mushrooms, they just might be able to attract an adventurous and eco-conscious crowd. In Albania there are over 750,000 abandoned concrete bunkers scattered across the country, a reminder of a past controlled by Communist dictatorship.

Those bunkers might soon become not only beautiful eco hostels, but a way of reclaiming the nation’s past. Instead of useless eyesores otherwise destined for landfills, the Concrete Mushrooms project would turn the structures into usable buildings that could help boost Albania’s tourism sector.

Concrete Mushrooms is still in the proposal stage, but the prospective models are stunning and remarkable and speak to the large potential of the project. The end product would not only make these structures more aesthetically pleasing, but also create the potential for new jobs, improving the local economy. Definitely a project worth supporting!


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  • Elijah

    November 9, 2009

    I find it somewhat amusing but good to hear that they are trying to turn these bunkers into ‘eco’ buildings. When i was in Albania back in 1993, right after the fall of communism, our guides told us that everybody just used them as public toilets. hehe

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