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Colombian Gold

Colombian GoldTayrona (and what appears to be a very lovely woman).

Located on the South American country’s Caribbean coast, Tayrona has been a relatively well-kept secret for decades outside of Colombia. Described by many with the impossible-to-quantify label of “one of South America’s most beautiful destinations”, el Tayrona enchants its visitors with its obvious tropical charm.

Colombian GoldSierra Nevada de Santa Marta closeby, travelers also have the choice of spending their time at the beach, in the mountains or in the city.

Colombian Goldplan
to develop tourism in the entire region, if successful, will make the Colombian Atlantic an increasingly popular destination for years to come.

And then one day you may even see it in Colombian beer commercials.


Images © Damir Spanic, Fuerza Area Colombiana & Parques Naturales de Colombia

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